Cloud Adoption Framework

Our "Cloud Adoption Framework"

gives you a clear map for your

company's Cloud adoption

Escala 24x7 delivers:

  • Identification of organizational gaps

  • Strategies for app migration

  • High level architecture design

  • Application selection (by mutual agreement) to migrate
    to the cloud in production, as a real feasibility test

The 'Cloud Adoption Framework' provides a guide for companies to update their technical skills and internal processes to make the most of the Cloud's benefits.

By applying our 'Cloud Adoption Framework' methodology, our clients obtain an action plan with work activities based on our +10 year experience in Cloud technologies.

Our 'Cloud Adoption Framework' is a methodology designed to meet two objectives:

1.- Assimilate the impact of the Cloud's adoption in different functional areas of the company, facilitating the adoption process

Cloud adoption implies changes in the way you buy and operate technology, as well as modifications in internal processes and security aspects. For this reason we can not migrate applications to the Cloud without first having a clear picture of the implications this would have for your business.

2.- Analyze the company's application portfolio and, based on its business value, risk, complexity and potential for cost reduction, define a possible Cloud migration strategy

Each application will be analyzed based on its functional architecture, criticality and potential business implications. Based on these criteria, we will select the appropriate migration strategy for each application. Options include relocating the application in the cloud, re-conditioning it to relocate it, repurchasing licenses to move it to the cloud, re-fabricating it, leaving it on-premise and/or withdrawing the production application.


Application's Functional Architecture Analysis


Application's Migration Strategy

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