Aapryl: Born and optimized on AWS

Aapryl.com Country: USA

Industry: FinTech

Aapryl was launched in 2017 as a financial technology company that provides predictive manager analytics and portfolio construction software to give investors cutting edge tools for a simple and better way to identify the right investment managers, build portfolios and manage risk.

From its conception, this innovative Fintech platform needed to leverage the cloud’s technology, which would grant it the ability to scale easily from proof of concept to production, where it would be required to efficiently process large volumes of data. The chosen solution was Amazon Web Services (AWS), due to its guaranteed high availability, unparalleled security and the Aapryl data science team’s experience and familiarity with AWS.

“We then looked for a partner to guide us on AWS’s best practices and we were introduced to Escala 24x7. We immediately saw their high level of knowledge and keen interest in really understanding our business strategy and overall objectives. This gave us assurances that they could appropriately help us through the various stages of the project.” - David Andrade, General Manager at Aapryl (Subsidiary of Xponance)

With Escala 24x7’s support, Aapryl is leveraging AWS’s Fargate for Elastic Container Service (ECS) for their platform’s numerous computations. This serverless compute service enables them to easily provision, deploy and retire Docker containers without manually provisioning, scaling, securing or patching servers; giving the organization a myriad of hardware choices to be used, as well as fine grained control over scaling rules, allowing them to be more aggressive in creating more containers if needed without operational overhead.

Aapryl is using Amazon Aurora RDS as their managed database solution in order to guarantee availability with multi-node clusters and faster, better performance for their applications. They are also leveraging S3 for storing static front-end content, which translates into an extremely durable, highly available and scalable data storage at low cost, as well as AWS CloudFront to serve and protect their website content, and to help optimize performance and security, while effectively managing cost. This CloudFront implementation is integrated with both AWS WAF and AWS Shield, allowing them to secure their workloads with controlled access to content, based on conditions such as IP addresses or the query string value on a content request, as well as built-in protections for common attacks like SQL-injection, cross-site scripting and DDoS.

“Now, we have gained scalability. Our platform evaluates thousands of managers and portfolios, so that translates into thousands of transactions. AWS has made it possible to manage this large quantity of information and actually process our quarterly data faster. Previously, it took us 10 to 14 days of processing, and now it’s down to 3 to 4 days.” - David Andrade, General Manager at Aapryl (Subsidiary of Xponance)

Among other benefits, Aapryl is now experiencing high availability of their very time-sensitive data, great integration with third-party data providers and a deep understanding of their workloads, allowing them to make modifications where needed and manage their costs. This organization has participated in multiple Well-Architected Reviews (WAR) led by Escala 24x7 and made significant improvements to ensure they are leveraging the best AWS solutions available and that they’re aligned to best practices.

“Escala 24x7 has been a huge help here. We meet once a month with them to adjust or upgrade whatever is needed. We’re not on our own; we have a strategic partner with our best interest at heart.” - David Andrade, General Manager at Aapryl (Subsidiary of Xponance)

For Aapryl, scalability is a key factor to support their growth plan. They are currently one of the only FinTech applications in the world to have a predictive capability through the use of Machine Learning, to predict top money managers’ performance. Truly, they’re an example of an organization that has fully understood and embraced the multiple benefits AWS can provide as a platform. As they continue to grow, AWS and Escala 24x7’s support will provide them a critical space for the organization to easily keep on scaling, while also enabling them to efficiently process thousands of transactions in a timely manner.


Aapryl is a subsidiary of Xponance Inc. a $15B multi-strategy investment firm based in Philadelphia, USA.

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