Trend Micro - Deep Security

Trend Micro's Deep Security is a host-based security product that provides anti-malware modules, host firewall, intrusion prevention, file integrity monitoring, log inspection, web application firewall, and single agent content filter that runs in the guest operating system.

The Cloud is a highly dynamic environment that moves at the speed of your business. Your security should move just as fast. It is important to quickly detect and protect new workloads.

  • Host-based and automated security for automatic scaling

  • A single light agent with all the protection capabilities you need

  • Easy contracting through the AWS Marketplace

  • Available as a certified PCI Tier 1 SaaS for greater deployment flexibility

Trend Micro's Deep Security is a product for all your security needs in the Cloud. It allows you to protect applications, platforms and data in all environments with a single agent.

  • It proactively protects against network threats with intrusion prevention and firewall

  • It protects against vulnerabilities with virtual patches

  • It keeps malware as ransomware and its variants, such as WannaCry, away from Windows' and Linux's workloads

  • It locks systems with application control designed for servers

  • It sends alerts about unplanned system changes with integrity monitoring and record inspection

Integrating Security in DevOps

Thanks to the API's strong integration with AWS, Deep Security works perfectly in the Cloud. It can easily integrate security into Cloud environments using deployment scripting automatically generated by configuration management tools.

  • Integration with the main orchestration tools such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible

  • Quick start cloud training templates for AWS available for NIST and AWS Marketplace

  • Host-based security controls that can be deployed automatically, even while performing automatic scaling

TrendMicro Deep Security's Architecture on  AWS

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