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Automate activities on your AWS resources

Gather data about your instances and the software that is installed on them, to securely automate typical IT operations.


AWS Systems Manager

Through AWS Systems Manager we help you simplify the management of resources and applications, shortening the time to detect and solve operational problems and facilitating the safe operation and management of your infrastructure.

  • Collect information about your instances and installed software
  • Remotely and securely manage instances
  • Maintain a consistent configuration of your instances
  • Select and deploy operating system and software patches automatically
  • Save time and money by managing and troubleshooting your fleet
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Benefits of AWS Systems Manager

Take advantage of this comprehensive and secure management solution for resources on AWS, as well as in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Create resource groups in AWS, on-premises, and in other clouds.
View aggregated operational data by resource group.
Respond to data and automate operational actions across these resource groups

At Escala 24x7 we have a team of AWS-certified experts who provide you with the agility, continuity of care, and support you need to ensure you can focus on meeting your core business objectives.

Nuestra Experiencia

Con más de 100 implementaciones exitosas de SAP en AWS, y un ROI promedio de 243%, tenemos la experiencia para ayudarle a migrar sus cargas de trabajo de SAP a la nube de AWS para sistemas SAP Hana, PI, Solman y SAP Business One, ayudándole a modernizar y transformar su infraestructura.

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