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Work Safely From Any Device

Remote work is now more agile, safer, and more profitable, anywhere, at any time.


Digital Workplaces Competency

With this competency, AWS certifies us as specialists in implementation projects for their virtual-desktop solutions and cloud Applications: AWS WorkSpaces and AWS AppStream 2.0. Thecertification guarantees our clients:

  • Access to highly-specialized experts
  • Standardized practices for an accelerated migration
  • Effectives trategies of cost optimization

This certification is a guarantee that by working withus, you’ll be able to accelerate your cloud adoption processes, by safely optimizing costs.

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Benefits Of Having A Digital-Workplaces Certified Partner

It removes the complexity of managing your desktop equipment and it allows revamp the way you distribute applications among your collaborators

The right solution for the right workload
Faster implementations and better performance
Cost optimizations and licensing
More scalable and safer cloud environments

Nuestra Experiencia

Con presencia en toda Latinoamérica y más de XXX instancias de cómputo de usuarios finales administradas, somos el partner con más experiencia en la región, apoyando a las empresas más grandes e innovadoras a utilizar los espacios de trabajo de AWS para modernizar y agilizar su operación habilitando nuevos espacios de trabajo y mejorando la seguridad en sus endpoints.

Nuestro Equipo

We help implement

Amazon WorkSpaces

A managed safe Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. WorkSpaces allows to provision Window and Linux desktops in minutes, as well as to quickly scale to provide work desktops to worldwide users. In addition, based on thedeployed WorkSpaces, it can be paid monthly or by hour, which allows to savemoney, compared to traditional desktops and local VDI solutions.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

A fully managed service that allows managing desktop applications in acentralized way, and safely allocate them in any equipment, where final usershave a fluid, receptive experience, executing their applications in optimized virtual machines.  AppStream 2.0 islocated in AWS, therefore, it benefits from a datacenter and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive organizations.

At Escala 24x7 we have a team dedicated to Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 implementation, with a methodology that guarantees your strategy results for the remote work

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