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Our commitment to the environment

ESCALA 24x7 and AWS are committed to promoting sustainability. And you too can join this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future!


The AWS Commitment

AWS' dedication to sustainability is reflected in ongoing efforts to optimize energy efficiency in its data centers and to reduce embodied carbon in hardware construction and manufacturing. AWS is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040; In fact, as of 2022, 90% of its electricity comes from renewable sources. In addition to promoting responsible water use and the circular economy, its investments in renewable energy support job creation and drive investments in local communities. Learn more

Carbon Footprint Tool for clients

The AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool provides a comprehensive view of the carbon emissions associated with the use of your services and products. Through clear and intuitive data visualizations, users can consistently understand their emissions, in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards. This allows you to promote sustainability through informed and strategic decisions, projecting ecological and conscious management in all your operations with AWS. Learn more.


Our focus

At Escala 24x7, we are fully aware of our social and environmental responsibility, and we carry with conviction our vision of being agents of change in the world. Our mission is to promote sustainable and conscious practices that contribute significantly to the well-being and balance of our planet. We comprehensively support sustainability and, because of this deep shared commitment to global well-being, we recognize AWS as the cloud that most closely aligns with the common good.

Our Campaigns:

Under the motto "Think green, act green", we have promoted:

Goes Green Scale

This campaign focuses on promoting an ecological and sustainable culture within our organization. Through various activities and internal communications we encourage our climbers to adopt sustainable habits such as: Recycling: Promoting the separation of waste and its subsequent recycling. Rational use of resources: We provide information and awareness about the responsible use of water, energy and other resources, motivating our collaborators to adopt savings and efficiency practices. The Human Resources team plays a crucial role, being the driving force of this campaign, constantly communicating and educating about the importance of these sustainable values and practices through internal platforms such as Slack.

Go Green with Escala 24x7

With the aim of amplifying our commitment to sustainability and sharing our values and practices with the community, we launched the #GoGreenWithEscala24x7 campaign. In this campaign we disseminate AWS sustainability initiatives, tools and plans on social networks and how these align and enhance our ecological objectives. With 75 publications so far this year, we project to reach a total of 93 posts by the end of this year. This effort reflects our desire to be agents of change and to actively contribute to the construction of a sustainable and balanced future.

Recycle with Escala 24x7!

At Escala 24x7, we recognize the critical importance of protecting our precious planet and are committed to contributing to a greener future for all. In addition to driving the use of sustainable technology and supporting AWS sustainability initiatives, we are proud that our event collateral is made from recyclable paper.

We invite you to be part of this positive change: once you finish using the materials we provide, please recycle them. Every small gesture counts. Join us on this journey towards sustainability!

Let's make the change together

Participate: Follow our hashtag #GoGreenWithEscala24x7 and join the conversation about sustainability.
Discover how you can adopt sustainable and responsible practices in your daily life and in your organization.
Share your ideas, initiatives and achievements in sustainability with our community. Contact us: Explore our initiatives, and act today for a sustainable tomorrow! Every action counts to build a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

We believe in the power of collective action!

Join us and let's build a green and prosperous future!

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