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Boost the Governance and Security of your Applications in AWS


AWS App Centric

AWS App Centric is a solution designed to help you effectively manage and secure applications in your AWS environment. Scale 24x7, an AWS Premier Partner with over 11 years of experience in the AWS cloud, is proud to introduce this world-class service. With AWS App Centric, you can get a quick view into the health of your business-critical applications, from discovery and monitoring to governance and security, all with a focus on best practices and efficiency.

Benefits of having AWS App Centric

1. Application Discovery: Automatically identifies and classifies applications in your AWS environment, giving you a unified and detailed view.

2. Application Governance: Define specific governance policies for your applications and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.

3. Advanced Security: Improve the security of your applications by identifying vulnerabilities and applying specific security policies.

4. Cost Optimization: Track the cost and usage of your applications and optimize your AWS resources.

5. AWS Premium Support: As a Premier AWS Partner, we provide you with high-quality support, with access to certified AWS experts.Our Services:

1. AWS App Centric Deployment: Our team of experts will deploy and configure AWS App Centric in your AWS environment to ensure smooth adoption.

2. Management and Continuous Monitoring: We offer ongoing management services to ensure your applications are compliant and performing optimally.

3. Security analysis: We carry out security analyzes and audits to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities in your applications.

4. Training and qualification: We provide training to your team, allowing you to get the most out of AWS App Centric and maintain a high level of governance and security.

Por qué
Escala 24x7

Contamos con el equipo y los procesos que dan soporte a más de 10,000 cargas de trabajo en AWS. Somos el partner de Amazon con más certificaciones en la región, el único con la competencia de Security y el primero con las competencias de Well-Architected Framework y Migrations. Hemos acompañado la transformación de las empresas más grandes e innovadoras de Latinoamérica. Nuestro equipo de especialistas estará disponible 24x7 para ayudarle a migrar, operar, optimizar y transformar su infraestructura.


Why choose us as your AWS partner?

Solid Experience: With over 11 years of experience at AWS, we have accumulated deep knowledge of best practices and solutions
Strategic Relationship with AWS: As a Premier Partner, we have a close relationship with AWS, allowing us to offer access to exclusive resources and support.
Commitment to Customer Success: Your success is our top priority. We are committed to helping you achieve effective governance and greater security for your applications on AWS.
Contact us today and elevate the governance and security of your applications on AWS with AWS App Centric, backed by Escala 24x7 expertise.

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