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Your SAP Operation on AWS

Move your SAP workloads to AWS cloud, in a secure, flexible, reliable way


SAP-on-AWS Competency

With this competency, ASW certifies us as specialists in implementation projects, migration and transformation of SAP environments on AWS. Thecertification guarantees our clients:

  • Accessto highly-specialized experts
  • Standardized practices for an accelerated migration
  • Access to AWS programs

This certification is a guarantee that by working withus, you’ll be able to accelerate your SAP projects on AWS, safely optimizing costs.

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Benefits of having an AWS SAP-certified partner

Tangible results in shorter time; steadily progressing in your digital transformation processes

Faster and safer implementations
Greater scalability in your workloads
Improvement in the data analytics capacities
Cost optimization and licensing

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Data Analytics projects

We have the Big Data and ML competencies. We are experts at implementing Data Lakes and executing data analytics processes

Support Services

AWS environment proactive monitoring, engineering support, and infrastructure management services

In Escala 24x7 we have a team dedicated to SAP migrations in AWS, and a methodology that makes the most of AWS incentive programs to facilitate your cloud migration even more.

Nuestra Experiencia

Con más de 100 implementaciones exitosas de SAP en AWS, y un ROI promedio de 243%, tenemos la experiencia para ayudarle a migrar sus cargas de trabajo de SAP a la nube de AWS para sistemas SAP Hana, PI, Solman y SAP Business One, ayudándole a modernizar y transformar su infraestructura.

Nuestro Equipo
They have trusted their SAP migrations to AWS to us

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