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Data Engineering and Analytics

Gain a greater understanding of your infrastructure and make cost-effective decisions


Implementing a DataOps methodology


At Escala 24x7, we have an experienced team of professionals focused on engineering and data analysis, who drive a detailed understanding of the requirement, in order to provide cost-effective solutions based on the best practices of AWS (Well architected Framework). This way, we implement a comprehensive, reliable and secure data pipeline.

What does it mean to be DataOps?
It is a holistic methodological framework on all the operations carried out with the data, from its intake and treatment to the creation of a final product that can be consumed by business tools. To achieve this, Escala 24x7 relies on the AWS Devops tools (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline), in order to deploy a solution in IaaC (Infrastructure as a code) format that guarantees the integrity and flexibility of data management.

Our solutions

A continuous optimization process


Through a detailed survey of information, we can identify the "illness" of the client and provide solutions that fit the needs and are cost-effective.

Data Lake / Lake House

We have extensive experience in defining Data Lakes (S3, AWS GLue) and their combination with the Warehouse (Redshift). We rely on the initial gathering of information and the deployment of the solution in DataOps mode, adjusted to the needs of the business.


We validate all data ingested into solutions to ensure quality and promote confident data consumption. We apply the best ETL techniques with an adequate use of resources.

Dashboards and BI

We have a specialization in Service Delivery through the Amazon Quicksight tool. Therefore, we are able to implement everything you need in the definition of analysis dashboards for making important decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

We accompany you in the definition of the appropriate engineering for your data model; from the ingestion and treatment of the data (AWs GLue dataBrew / Amazon Sagemaker Data Wrangler), to the definition of the model (Sagemaker / Sagemaker Studio / Sagemaker AutoPilot).

Operations and Support

We have a first line team working 24x7 to attend and maintain the operation through a ticket system. The attention is immediate and is channeled with a defined SLA to the higher levels if necessary, so you do not have to worry about the attention to your solutions.

At Escala 24x7 we have a team dedicated to data engineering and analytics projects that enables the necessary tools for better data-based decision making

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