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Your First Steps In AWS

An AWS account-control strategy for better governance, more security, and greater cost control


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Cloud Foundations


With this only-4-week program, we’ll help you define your our cloud governance policies, and we’ll make sure to set alarms and implement automated mechanisms to prevent your new control and security rules from been violated.  We’ll back your team with the role definitions and the access levels. Likewise, we’ll build the needed blueprints and templates along with you for the standard provision of new computer environments.

We’ll also help you implement registration and audit mechanisms that allow to identify the people who make a change and contrast the current environment against a better-practice reference


The main mistake IT teams make when migrating their workloads to thecloud is not trying to apply the same policies from their on-premiseenvironments in their new cloud environments. Some questions we like to make:

  • Do youhave access levels and roles in your cloud environments?
  • Can your whole team provision machines and services?
  • How doyou audit and control changes in your workloads?

BenefitsOf Our Cloud Foundations Offer

Out of all the companies that are part of our Cloud Foundations program:


Manage to reduce costs in the three first months ofoperation


Substantially improve their application availability


Identify and address security vulnerabilities

Our Process

4 stages and 4 weeks for a better practice in the cloud

Team Alignment

We carry out a set of interviews in the different IT areas to understand the current (or future) settings of your cloud environments and governance process.

Implementation and setting

We implement AWS Control Tower and help you define amulti-account strategy that meets your environment features.

Limit, control, and alert definitions

We set alert, according to AWS best practices and automated mechanisms to avoid behaviors that violate the established policies.

Compliance monitoring

Once the process has ended, we share the knowledge through workshops andwe offer access to dashboards to monitor and control each account.

Our Cloud Foundations’ Clients

At Escala 24x7 we have a dedicated cloud-adoption team and a methodology that make the most of AWS incentive programs to facilitate your cloud migration process even more

Why Escala 24x7?

It is the strategic ally in your business transformation

Years of experience
Successful implementations
AWS Partner Premier
Business clients

Por qué
Escala 24x7

Con presencia en toda Latinoamérica contamos con un equipo dedicado de ingenieros especialistas en arquitectura, implementaciones y soporte que dan soporte a más de 3,000 cargas de trabajo en AWS.  Somos El partner de AWS con más certificaciones en Latinoamérica y el primero con las competencias de Well-Architected Framework, Migrations y Security. Hemos apoyado en la transformación de las empresas más grandes e innovadoras de la región.


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