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Cloud EMx

The Evolution in Cloud Management


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Cloud EMx

What is it about?

Cloud EMx (Cloud Escala 24x7 Managed Experiences) transcends the traditional concept of cloud management to become a comprehensive experience on Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically designed to elevate the management of your cloud services to an exceptional level.

This service ranges from basic technical support to the implementation of advanced cloud computing strategies, with a focus on continuous improvement and incident prevention. Our goal is to ensure not only the operational continuity of your business but also its sustained success over time.

Our Perspective

At Escala 24x7, we understand that each client has unique and specific needs. That's why we offer personalized support and have a team of certified professionals who strive to thoroughly understand your requirements to provide you with solutions that perfectly fit your AWS cloud projects.
* Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction.
* Adoption of the Latest Innovations.
* Guarantee of Security and Regulatory Compliance.
* Proposal of Customized Solutions that Align with Your Business Objectives.

Choose the Ideal Plan for Your Company


Basic management and support. Ideal for fundamental needs and tight budgets. Aimed at resolving essential billing requirements and monitoring critical alerts of your platform.


Strategic advice. Perfect for incident management, FinOps practices, and continuous improvement.


Complete service with advanced support and customized strategies. The ideal choice for immersive support as a catalyst for strategic solutions favorable to the business infrastructure lifecycle. With the Ultra Plan, you'll benefit from expert advice on security and compliance.

Discover how Cloud EMx can Transform your Business in the Cloud

AWS Support and Management

We support the continuous management and optimization of your infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, promoting effective cloud operations, reducing potential setbacks, and optimizing costs, which positively impacts your ROI.

Strategic Advisory

We offer expert advice to develop and execute effective cloud strategies that align with your business objectives.

Cost and Performance Optimization

We conduct a detailed analysis of your AWS usage to implement effective cost management and enhance the performance of your applications.

Compliance and Security

We strive to ensure compliance with the regulations of your sector, reducing the risk of penalties or security breaches that could compromise your data and the trust of your customers.


With our expertise, we provide you with a clear and detailed insight into the performance of your applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud. We collect and analyze real-time data, set up customized alerts, and create dashboards to optimize operational efficiency and user experience

Why Escala 24x7?

The strategic ally in your business transformation

Years of experience
Successful implementations
AWS Partner Premier
Business clients

They have trusted us to manage their Cloud services

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