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Improving the availability and performance of your AWS environments

Simplifying your infrastructure’s management andsupport


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Support service


24x7 support for the entire AWS solution portfolio. Over100 certified engineers that operate from threecloud security operation centers (vSOCs.).

Our AWS team of certified specialists will be available to guide you to operate, optimize, and transform your infrastructure.

With our support process, we offer proactive monitoring, support, appropriate recommendations, andfirst-level consulting for all your new Cloud initiatives. With ourmanagement tools, we offer visibility, and granular control of your costs and computing resources.


Many companies migrate to the cloud for better scalability, availability, performance, and cost saving, but without the knowledge and continuous practices, none of these results is possible. Below you’ll find some data we consider important:

  • 55%  of the mission-critical application downtime is due to human errors, as well as 60% of the security breaches
  • 70% of the companies with cloud services face unnecessary cost overruns

Benefits of our Support Service offer

Companies that decide to contract managed services find great benefits:


Improve the service availability


Improve their security posture


Improve their application performance

Our process


The transition of certain features for the platformco-management is carried out, ensuring access and support

Optimization Assessment

An assessment practice of the installed environment iscarried out and it is compared to AWS best practices


A prioritization practice is carried out to solve all vulnerabilities found and a first remediation sprint is conducted

Continuous Support

Support for requirements and incidents is offered 24/7,additionally, monitoring tasks and management are conducted

Continuous Consultancy

An initiative-reviewing process is carried outregularly, recommendations are offered, and an infrastructure roadmap ismanaged

Centralized visibility

Access to a control panel is granted, from which our client hasvisibility over its installed base and recurring reports are delivered.

Our Support Service Clients

At Escala 24x7 we have a dedicated support team in three regional, monitoring-and-control centers, that work 24x7x365 to ensure your mission-critical application availability

Why Escala 24x7?

The strategic ally in your business transformation

Years of experience
Successful implementations
AWS Partner Premier
Business clients

Por qué
Escala 24x7

Contamos con el equipo y los procesos que dan soporte a más de 10,000 cargas de trabajo en AWS. Somos el partner de Amazon con más certificaciones en la región, el único con la competencia de Security y el primero con las competencias de Well-Architected Framework y Migrations. Hemos acompañado la transformación de las empresas más grandes e innovadoras de Latinoamérica. Nuestro equipo de especialistas estará disponible 24x7 para ayudarle a migrar, operar, optimizar y transformar su infraestructura.


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