Cloud Security Framework

Adopt Cloud securely

You’ve decided to migrate to the Cloud. Are you ready to do it safely?

Through its Cloud security framework, Escala 24x7 simplifies the migration of your company's Critical Mission systems and systems that require compliance to the Cloud.

For more than half a decade, Escala 24x7 has secured the systems of multiple companies using its Cloud Security Framework. This framework is built using only the best practices and complying with the strictest security regulations.

Skills and capabilities

  • Evaluation and strategy

  • Visibility with customized reports

  • Industry conformity

  • Micro-segmentation to guarantee the workload's isolation

  • Rigorous and automated patch management

  • Malware and virus protection

  • Intruder detection

  • Record management

  • Real-time event monitoring

  • File integrity monitoring

  • Recurring vulnerability assessments

  • Data encryption and key management

Escala 24x7's experts have been working with the major SaaS organizations for years, to design, build and manage their AWS operations. Escala 24x7 can help your organization comply perfectly with rigorous compliance standards by taking advantage of a combination of innovative solutions based on experience, and by using third-party tools and technology.

Escala 24x7 has expertise in transforming businesses into next-generation hyperscale SaaS companies.


Our engineers are trained in scaled security design from Infrastructure codes, and continuous deployment integrated with strict security monitoring and controls. Escala 24x7 is very familiar with, and has experience in the design of compatible solutions with, HIPAA, SOC2, SOX and PCI-DSS and in guiding its clients through the design, configuration and audit processes.

As an AWS Advanced Partner focused on Security Engineering, Escala 24x7 has experience in AWS infrastructure deployments including firewalls, IDS, proxies, IPS, SIEM, VPC design that includes multiple patterns and redundancy of multiple regions, infrastructure for secrecy management, DDoS Resilience, creating custom applications and guiding and implementing security strategies in multiple AWS accounts.

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